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We are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to use our 3,200 square foots, indoor archery range. With eight, 30 yard shooting lanes, our range is the perfect place to "try it before you buy it", sight in your new equipment, or practice before heading out to the woods. Our 3D targets offer our customers the ability to practice not only their technique work on their depth perception.

Range time is available during store hours at an hourly rate.

We also offer our customers the ability to rent the entire range at a discount.

We recommend scheduling your time at least one week in advance if possible.

Non-reserved time is available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Contact us for more information or group rates.

Anyone buying a bow from us gets free range time (up to 6 hours) to site in their bow and practice, where a qualified member of our team will work with you until you are comfortable with your new equipment.

The range is also a great place to hold your fund-raiser. Click here for more information.



Endless Mountains Archery is proud to give back to our community. From helping others with our deer processing for Hunters Sharing the Harvest Program to opening our Range for community fund raising efforts, we are proud to lead our community by example.

In the past we have had numerous fund raisers for Cancer Research as well as to assist local residents that have had major medical bills resulting from a personal accident or illness.

If you or someone you know is looking for a fund raising opportunity to assist someone from our community or a worthy cause, contact us for details. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the use of our range and facilities to help!


We have the largest selection of crossbows in the Surrounding area

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