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About Us

Jeff has always been an avid hunter and outdoorsman and wanted to open his own business. After starting Endless Mountains Archery he attended the Hoyt Dealer School in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a focus on bow repair, set up, trouble shooting, etc.

Jeff is a butcher by trade and has been involved in the meat industry his entire adult life. He has learned to make specialty products while working in his family's meat processing business. Over the years he has taken gourmet cooking classes and has developed his own recipes. As the meat processing business has grown over the years, he now makes retail meats for the public using USDA inspected beef, pork and chicken.

Jeff is also an accomplished carpenter and wood carver. His carvings include small decoys carved by hand, to large scale carvings carved with a chain saw.

Lorraine has been a bookkeeper, office manager and had been managing a small business when she met Jeff. After starting Endless Mountains Archery she attended Hoyt Dealer School in Salt Lake City, Utah, focusing on the business management issues of running a dealership.

Lorraine's attention to detail keeps the business running smoothly. From working with the store inventory or assisting with the administrative functions of meat processing plan, Lorraine is a key part of the daily operations at Endless Mountains Archery.

To read the full story of how Jeff Scavazzo's Deer processing & Endless Mountain Archery became the Icon it is today, 
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