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Our retail meat business grew as a result of the numerous special requests from our regular customers. Hunters returning home to their families with our Deer and Wild Game products were often met with so many compliments that they began returning to us asking for more traditional products from our plant. Jeff, a butcher by trade who has been involved in the meat industry his entire adult life, was more than happy to fulfill these requests and our retail meat business was born.

Today we produce a full line of retail meats for the public using USDA inspected beef, pork and chicken with no minimum orders.

From standard cuts of meat to specialty products including ham, slab bacon, sausages, slim jims and kielbasa we are happy to offer our customers with quality meats at competitive prices.

We prefer that our customers order all meats at the beginning of each month and products are ready for pick up within a matter of days.

We also keep 20-25 pounds of each product in our freezers for the unexpected needs of our customers.

Our retail meat business is the busiest around the holidays as we offer smoked hams, specialty slab bacons and holiday kielbasa.

We offer a free reminder service to our regular customers at holiday order times with updated ordering information, pricing, etc.

If you wish to be added to this list, please contact us!

Our retail meat hours are the same as our meat processing plant. Outside of our processing hours we are available by appointment or special order only.


                    Retail Meat Order List.

(Looking for something and you do not see it on our list? Chances are we can get it or make it for you!

   •    Smoked Ham

   •    Smoked Semi-boneless Ham

   •    Smoked Boneless Ham

   •    Smoked Bacon

   •    Smoked Butt Bacon

   •    Smoked Pork Chops

   •    Smoked Canadian Bacon

   •    Smoked Kielbasa

   •    Smoked Kielbasa w/jalapeno cheese

   •    Smoked Brat wurst Smoked Cheddar wurst

   •    German Style Hot Dogs

   •    German Style Hot Dogs w/cheese

   •    Pickled Smoked Kielbasa

   •    Teriyaki Slim Jims

   •    Spicy Slim Jims

   •    Mild Slim Jims

   •    Cheese Slim Jims

   •    Breakfast Sausage

   •    Breakfast Sausage Links

   •    Hot Italian Sausage

   •    Sweet Italian Sausage

   •    Chicken, Cheddar, Broccoli Sausage

   •    Fresh Kielbasa

   •    Delmonico Steak

   •    Porterhouse Steak

   •    N.Y. Strip Steak

   •    Scrapple

   •    Liverwurst

   •    Canadian Bacon

   •    Soprasetta

   •    White Kishka

(All above products made with USDA Inspected Chicken, Beef and Pork and are vacuum packed.)

*Bulk Prices available on Porterhouse, Sirloin, NY Strip, Ribeye and Ribeye with bone*

                                         ** NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS**
                                                ACCEPTED AS PAYMENT

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